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Amelia Heinle made her acting debut on ABC's "Loving" in 1993, where she met, fell in love with, and married Michael Weatherly in 1995. They welcomed a son a year later but split in 1997, and Weatherly — who went on to star in "NCIS" and "Bull" — admits that it was a hard time for everyone.
He was working in Los Angeles while Heinle went back to New York, where she landed a job on "All My Children," working opposite Susan Lucci. "I was 27 and could barely take care of myself, but I had to feed people and put a roof over their heads," Weatherly said, adding, “It’s a tough thing for a kid.”
The two are still in each other's lives thanks to their son, August, and both have found love again. Weatherly married Bojana Janković in 2009, while Heinle went on to marry fellow soap actor Thad Luckinbill, whom she met while on "The Young & the Restless."