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You Might Be Missing The Most Important Place To Use Primer
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Applying primer is all about creating a smooth base for the rest of your makeup. It's important to pick the right product depending on your needs, and to avoid some mistakes that could prevent your makeup from looking its absolute best. For instance, placement can be just as important as application when it comes to primer.
One major mistake you might make when applying primer is forgetting to use it on your eyelids. Applying primer on the lids helps eyeshadow go on with minimal creasing, and some of the best options you can try include Urban Decay’s cult classic Eyeshadow Primer Potion, as well as the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is waterproof.
Another tip: instead of putting on primer before your foundation, try mixing your primer with your foundation for a lighter and more natural look. You can also switch out different primers to match the weather (and your skin). Make sure to apply a small amount instead of caking it on, to avoid the product from creasing and rubbing off.