Why You Should Use Argan Oil
On Your
Hair Before Heat Styling
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Native to Morocco, argan oil is known as “liquid gold” and is renowned for its use in nutrition, medicine, and beauty products. Because it is packed with vitamins and fatty acids, it is especially effective in protecting hair before heat styling. Here are some tips to make the most of argan oil’s
benefits for hair.
High Smoke Point
Argan oil has a high smoke point at 420 degrees Fahrenheit. For it to be effective in protecting one’s hair from heat damage, the key is to apply argan oil before heat styling and to keep the heating tool at less than 420 degrees to ensure that the hair never reaches that burning point.
Argan oil has moisturizing ingredients like fatty acids and vitamin E, which nourish and protect heat-damaged hair. Follow a regular conditioning routine when washing your hair; then add a weekly deep conditioning treatment; then use argan oil pre-heat styling.
Preventing Split Ends
Split ends are a common type of damage caused by regular heat application. Other than lowering the temperature of tools and cutting back on daily heat styling, applying argan oil will keep hair follicles moisturized and thus, more flexible and adaptable to stressors like heat.

Hair Mask
Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons recommends leaving an argan hair mask on for “15 to 30 minutes to reap the oil’s full benefits.” It is important to look for products that have a deep golden color and list argan oil as one of the first ingredients on its product label.