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Why The Internet Accused Lara Trump Of Bad Parenting After Posting A Video Of Her Son
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In September 2022, Lara Trump posted an Instagram video of her son during Hurricane Ian in Florida. She called the experience “character building,” while others called it “abuse.”
The video shows Eric Trump Jr. riding a toy bulldozer in the rain as his mother laughs. Eric Jr. appears crying and says something to his mother, who says, “No, you can do it!”
The post seemed in jest, but other users accused Lara of putting her son in danger. One user commented, “Humiliating your child is character building? You’re sick.”
Others came to Trump’s defense, “Anyone with an ounce of sense knows your son is perfectly fine getting wet in the Florida rain.” Still, the incoming hurricane was concerning.
Trump stayed out of the comments but addressed the backlash with a post about her daughter having fun in the rain. “**Cue the crazies,” she wrote, followed by emojis.
It’s not the first time Trump has received backlash. On July 4, 2023, she posted a photo where her children seemed upset, and comments quickly pointed it out.