Lauren Boebert looking spaced out.
Why Lauren Boebert And Her Ex-Husband Jayson's Romance Was So Controversial
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By Kristin Conard
U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert met her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert, in 2003 while she was working at a Burger King that Jayson stopped at for lunch one day.
However, Lauren was 16 and Jayson was 22 when they met, making their romance a bit controversial — although the age of consent in her state, Colorado, is 17.
Lauren and Jayson went to Las Vegas to get married, but they were denied since Lauren was only 16. The couple finally got married in 2005 after the birth of their son Tyler.
While Lauren hasn't disclosed the details of how intimate her relationship with Jayson was when she was still a minor, she was adamant that everything was legal.
"For any 'Karen' who may be reading this, Jayson and I broke no Colorado laws with our relationship," Lauren wrote in her memoir, "My American Life."