David Bromstad from HGTV 's My Lottery Dream Home
Why HGTV 's My Lottery Dream Home Star David Bromstad Doesn't Play The Lotto
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David Bromstad makes lucky lottery winners' dreams come true on the hit HGTV show "My Lottery Dream Home." Still, he's not optimistic enough to consider a win possible for himself.
Bromstad doesn't even play the game. However, the host's reluctance to participate is less about superstition or even frugality and more about how he views his life.
As Bromstad explained, "I've already won the lottery. I won Design Star, and that was my lottery. I'm generally not a very lucky person. So I'm good. I've won it, that's my win."
The host told Metro, "I understand what the lottery winners are going through because I went from absolutely nothing to being on TV and having more than I thought I ever would."
However, if he'd won a recent Powerball, Bromstad told AOL, "I would've dropped the mic and said 'Peace out, b******!' No one would see me ever again."