Google has a code of conduct that includes a section on equal opportunity employment, stating that all personnel “strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of [among other things] sex, gender identity or expression." However, it seems that some past and present employees believe the company was not following its own rules.
In 2017, three women who once worked for Google filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against the company, claiming that “systemic” problematic practices prevented women from advancing in their careers. Women were paid less than men and were passed over for positions given to men, even if the women had the same qualifications and experience.
Google never admitted to wrongdoing, but settled for $118 million. The settlement applies to about 15,500 women, and the company is changing its pay practices to be more equitable. One woman in particular spoke about her case, in which she worked as a "Level 3" employee but a male colleague was at "Level 4," despite their amounts of experience being equal.