The relationship between Johnny Depp and his lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has the internet in a frenzy, just like everything else about the actor's defamation trial against Amber Heard. When Vasquez was asked if she was dating the actor, she just smiled and didn’t deny the rumors, which only added fuel to the gossip.
For what it's worth, TMZ says Depp and Vasquez are not dating, and many internet denizens see the lawyer as a more professional person than that. "She is smart, quick and takes no BS!" one observer tweeted, while someone else noted how "prepared" the attorney is and said they would want her to represent them.
While many gossip hounds are rooting for the dating rumors to be true, one Twitter user pointed out that the assumption that an accomplished woman is dating her client — and theoretically, she's only defending him because they're dating — feels rather sexist. Besides, Vasquez's legal skills are solid enough on their own.