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Why Do Some People Crave Sour Foods During Pregnancy?
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Food cravings are one of the best-known side effects of pregnancy, and even though some cravings can be odd, they are completely normal and likely have an explanation behind them. Some of the most common cravings are fruits, sweets, and dairy, and if you crave sour foods like citrus fruits or pickles, here's the reason behind it.
Sour foods often alleviate feelings of nausea since they increase saliva production, according to Natural Baby Life, so craving them when you're pregnant is natural, especially if you often feel sick. Even if your morning sickness has passed, your body may still crave sour foods to prevent it from returning; just be careful to consume them in moderation.
Also, there are many old wives' tales involving ways to predict the sex of your baby, and one suggests that craving sour foods means you’ll have a baby girl. Regardless of the scientific or mythical cause for your sour craving, try to avoid excess sugar and opt for a citrus fruit salad or simple lemon sorbet instead of sour candies.