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Why Do Some People Crave Seaweed When Pregnant?
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One of the most well-known side effects of pregnancy is the development of food cravings, with some common ones being pickles, ice cream, and salty junk food. Some pregnant people also get an unusual craving for seaweed, including sushi wrapped in seaweed, roasted nori snacks, wakame soup, or other foods containing sea veggies.
Many pregnancy cravings are related to dietary deficiencies, and seaweed is no exception. All three types of edible seaweed — green, red, and especially brown — contain high levels of iodine, a mineral that is vital to the production of thyroid hormones; these hormones and minerals are especially important for infants and pregnant women.
Another deficiency that can be linked to seaweed cravings is sodium deficiency. It's common for pregnant people to crave sodium-rich, salty foods to help maintain fluid balance, blood pressure, and other bodily functions, and seaweed has a naturally salty flavor that can hit the spot during pregnancy due to a lack of sodium in the diet.
Seaweed offers many additional health benefits for all people; besides boosting iodine and sodium levels, many types of seaweed are packed with iron, vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin A. Sea plants can also be a good source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, and soluble fiber, which aids in digestion.