It may seem difficult to meet someone worthy of dating, and once you do, you may be concerned about what to do on a first date. Most people would choose a dinner and a movie date since it's simple, inexpensive, and everyone loves movies, but apparently it's one of the worst first dates ever.
Film critic Mary Pols challenges the idea that movies are the perfect first date, saying, "It's both too intimate, sitting silently next to someone you don't really know, and too limiting; you can't get to know them better." She went on to say, "I find movies fairly draining — the last thing I want to do is process in front of someone who might be judging as to whether I'm second or third date-worthy."
"Let's say that during your pre-movie activity you realize that you're not connecting, then suddenly you're stuck sitting next to this person in the dark for two hours," Pols continues. If you find yourself at the movies, subtle methods to connect with someone include seeing if they'll extend far enough to put their arm around you or accidentally-on-purpose touching hands in the popcorn.