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Who Is Peter August's Real Mother On General Hospital?
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When Anna Devane visited Valentin Cassadine one night, she remembered a time long ago when she slept with her worst enemy, then gave birth to his child and gave him up for adoption. Eventually, Anna learned that her son was Peter August, a Port Charles newcomer who was bitter about how his mother abandoned him.
It took a while, but Anna Devane managed to puncture Peter August's rough exterior and forge a relationship with her son. However, when Anna learned she was involved with a memory transfer experiment with her twin, Alex Devane Marrick, she began to wonder if her memory of giving birth to Peter was her memory or Alex's.
When Anna finally got the evidence she needed that Peter was actually not her son, but her nephew, her sister admitted that she was the one who gave birth to Peter. When Peter learned that a good woman like Anna was not his mother after all, he embraced his dark side with full force.
Later, Anna made it her business to find an on-the-run Peter August and bring him to justice after a series of murders and kidnappings. Anna cried as Peter took his last breath, knowing if she didn't let him die, the nephew who she once thought was her son would kill again.