Matthew Perry speaking at an event
Who Is Athenna Crosby, The Last Person Photographed With Matthew Perry?
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Athenna Crosby, a Venezuelan-American model, TV host, and journalist, has been recognized as the last person to be photographed with actor Matthew Perry before his untimely death.
The photograph, released by TMZ, captures them dining at the Hotel Bel-Air just a day before Perry's death. "Yes, that is me with him this past Friday," Crosby confirmed to TMZ.
Crosby denied any rumors of a romantic relationship with Perry. She clarified, "We were indeed friends, and I was one of the last people to see and speak to him before
he passed."
She shared her fond memories of Perry being in high spirits during their last interaction, looking forward to his future endeavors. "He was so happy and vibrant," Crosby noted.
Crosby, who has a history of pageantry and advocacy for disability inclusion, requested fans and the media to "Please refrain from any speculation surrounding his death."