Unknown to some, going commando gives the vaginal area room to breathe, resulting in a lower risk of UTI and yeast infection, less irritation, less discharge, healthier blood circulation, and more. Ditching underwear means no more panty lines!
Are panties still "in"?
A major downfall of wearing underwear is that it “traps excess moisture,” says Dr. Nini Mai, allowing bacteria to grow into a UTI or yeast infection. According to OB-GYN Dr. Nancy Herta, those who are susceptible to vaginal issues will find not wearing underwear to bed benefits them.
Let it breathe
Underwear that’s tight is uncomfortable for ladies down there, creating irritation and chafing which itches the skin. Tight pants also cause irritation which can lead to micro-cuts, especially from jeans, so in this case, it would be best to wear panties that act as a barrier.
No more irritation
A downfall of going commando at the gym is the smell that comes from down there, mixed in with sweat, since there is no underwear to act as a barrier and hold in the smell. It’s crucial to change and shower immediately after a workout so bacteria doesn’t grow in your sweaty pants.
Be careful at the gym
Going commando reduces allergic reactions to underwear fabric, and tight underwear endangers your circulation. By not wearing it, you’ll see less discharge and reduce your risk of suffering from digestive issues.
Goodbye panties