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Whatever Happened To The Most Iconic Winners From My Lottery Dream Home?
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Rick & Lorie Knudsen
Rick and Lorie Knudsen are perhaps the most memorable "My Lottery Dream Home" winners of a $180 million jackpot in 2014.
With their winnings, the Knudsens promptly bought a massive $26 million mansion in southern California but are looking to downsize to a ranch half the size.
The Blakeneys
When Louisiana couple Pete and Danielle Blakeney won the lottery in 2015, they bought a vacation home in Alabama with their $1 million winnings.
They bought a beachfront property but didn't change most things about their lives. To this day, Danielle still works as a physician, and Pete is a stay-at-home dad.
Nick Rocco
In 2018, Nick Rocco walked into a Massachusetts gas station, bought a scratch-off, and walked out a lottery winner. Nick says he spent his winnings within a few months.
He bought several houses, one to live in and some to rent out. He took a practical route with a long-term plan to ensure he would always have an income.
Brian and Tuk Kutz
Brian and Tuk Kutz of Whidbey Island in Washington were fans of the show but never thought they'd have the chance to be on it until Brian won $200,000 in 2019.
They took the opportunity to showcase their picturesque hometown. By the end of the episode, even host David Bromstad was considering buying property in Coupeville, Washington.
Michael Buinicky
Michael Buinicky of North Carolina won the lottery twice in five weeks. In February 2018, he won $100,000 and then $750,000 a month later.
With his winnings, he bought his daughter her first home and helped his son pay for grad school. Though he's kept his life private, he said he wanted to restore a muscle car.