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Whatever Happened To Hollywood Icon Cybill Shepherd?
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Panned by Critics
Despite roles in many A-List movies, Shepherd’s early performances didn’t impress critics, with one reviewer describing her as having "all the charm of a hamster."
A Rolling Stone review for 1975's "At Long Last Love" by Gene Shalit said, "Cybill Shepherd cannot walk, talk, much less sing." She agreed — except for the singing part.
This might explain why her career never really took off, even though she starred in films such as the Oscar-nominated "The Last Picture House" and Martin Scorsese’s "Taxi Driver."
Bogdanovich Affair
Shepherd later starred in the film "The Last Picture Show," but her career wasn’t helped by the scandal over her affair with its director, Peter Bogdanovic.
Via Vulture in 2019, Bogdanovich said it was only meant to be a short-term affair, but they fell in love. His marriage broke up, and images of the couple filled the tabloids.
When Shepherd spoke with Rolling Stone about the romance, she said, "I had a huge wedge of myself that was empty, which was confidence. And he helped fill that."
Three Children
Shepherd has a daughter from her first marriage to David M. Ford (1978 to 1982) and boy and girl twins from her three-year 1987 marriage to Bruce Oppenheim.
After having children, she moved to California's San Fernando Valley. She began living a quieter life, believing the Valley was a better place to raise kids.
Feud With Bruce Willis
From 1985 to 1989, Shepherd starred alongside Bruce Willis in the ABC series "Moonlighting," but an initial attraction between the two quickly soured.
The tumultuous relationship between the co-stars — who reportedly had a short-lived fling together — included Shepherd allegedly throwing a briefcase at a wall during an argument.
Hard To Work With
It seems that Willis wasn't alone: Howard M. Gould, an executive producer on Shepherd's show "Cybill," wrote a play about the experience and called it "Diva."
Similar stories abound from multiple sources, including former co-star Curtis Armstrong, who said in an interview with Nine, "If anyone ever said no to her, they were gone.”