Skincare routines can be complicated to build, and when looking for new products, you don’t want to choose any that could aggravate your skin. If you’re looking to add a new serum to your routine, you'll have an easier time if you get familiar with your own skin first, and keep a few other things in mind.
You should consider your skin’s texture, sensitivity, and conditions you have — such as rosacea — before searching for a new serum. Consulting with a dermatologist is the fastest way to get this info. Then, you should decide what you want the serum to tackle, whether it’s acne, a lack of hydration, or uneven skin texture.
It’s also important to be familiar with ingredients in the products you're looking at; for instance, seeing niacinamide or salicylic acid on the label will confirm that the serum can help with oily skin and acne. Also, be aware of what order to use products in; most facial serums should be applied last in your routine.