HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 01:  Barbara Eden attends the YWCA Greater Los Angeles (YWCA GLA) 125th Anniversary Gala  at Lowes Hollywood Hotel on November 1, 2018 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)
What You Never Knew About Barbara Eden
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This story contains discussions of miscarriage.
Carol Burnett
As a young TV star in the 1960s, Barbara Eden worked with Carol Burnett on her show, and the pair became friends; in 2019, Eden called Burnett "a beautiful woman and a great comedian." Though they eventually lost touch, Eden says Burnett taught her an important lesson: "it’s really OK to be a good girl" (AKA, not a diva).
Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball was another star who had a major influence on Eden by giving her "affirmation" and boosting her confidence. While working together on "I Love Lucy," Eden said that she always tried to watch Ball and learn from her, and Ball appreciated Eden’s work ethic so much that she wanted to hire her full-time.
Being bullied
In her autobiography "Genie Out of the Bottle," Eden revealed that she was bullied by boys for being "one of the poorest children in the school and certainly not one of the prettiest." Her mother told her to "rise above it," and that advice stuck with her as she navigated Hollywood and its "high-testosterone" businessmen.
she had a Miscarriage
In 2021, Eden opened up about her miscarriage in 1971, which caused her to lose her second son in her eighth month of pregnancy. The trauma made her lose a lot of weight, and having no mental health support at the time made her realize its importance; she now advocates for more accessible mental health resources today.
Carnivore diet
Eden doesn’t stick to our idea of the typical celebrity diet — she’s a self-proclaimed "carnivore" and loves steak, pork, and chicken, but also eats lots of veggies. She's also revealed that her favorite desserts is old-fashioned marshmallow circus peanuts, which she described as a "holdover from [her] childhood."