Jeanine Pirro smiling while holding a microphone.
What You Didn't Know About Judge Jeanine Pirro
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By Women Lifestyle Staff
Pirro's Childhood
Jeanine Pirro decided she wanted to become a lawyer when she was just 6 years old, and by 15, she was volunteering at her local district attorney's office.
"I never encountered anyone with her tenacity and ambition," Bruce Crew, who worked as a distinct attorney part-time, told New York Magazine of Pirro and her unbridled ambition.
Her Education
Given that she was working in a district attorney's office as a high school student, it's not shocking that Pirro went on to thrive in higher education.
Post her graduation from the University of Buffalo, Pirro went on to pursue her law degree at Albany Law School, where she graduated with a Juris Doctor degree.
Pirro’s Ex-Husband
While a student at Albany Law School, Pirro met her now ex-husband, Al Pirro, who was a fellow law student four years older than her.
While speaking about him to The New York Times in 1999, Pirro gushed over Al, calling him "the most brilliant, energetic, high-powered" man.
Her Career
After law school, Pirro entered the Westchester District Attorney's Office, where she was assigned to cases involving domestic violence or issues under family court.
Pirro began leading the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau once the federal government started allocating funds to district attorney offices to try those cases.
Pirro At Work
As she told The Observer, the nature of Pirro’s work as the head of the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau made her boss, Carl Vergari, uncomfortable.
The contention between Pirro and Vergari reached a boiling point when, according to lawyers familiar with the situation, Pirro took sole credit for the Bureau.