Taylor Cole and Cameron Larson
What We Know About Hallmark Star Taylor Cole's Husband, Cameron Larson
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Cameron Larson, husband of Hallmark favorite Taylor Cole, is her colleague and spouse. He's worked as a producer and production manager for the network since 2015.
The couple met on a Hallmark set as if straight out of one of the channel's scripts. The slow-burn romance began as a friendship, and they eventually tied the knot in 2020.
With Hallmark, Larson has executive produced films such as "Navigating Christmas" and "Love in the Sun." His first credit is as production manager on 2015's "Angel of Christmas."
Larson’s resume extends beyond the feel-good genre. He produced and wrote the sci-fi movie "Alligator X," along with horror flicks such as "The Transient" and "La Llorona."
Larson, who has a Bachelor's degree in theater from Hamilton College, showcases his work on Instagram @ghstwrtr, with ghostly imagery and film sets among his favorite themes.