Robert Palmer Watkins on set of General Hospital
What Robert Palmer Watkins Has Said About His 'Brutal' General Hospital Firing
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Dillon Quartermaine has always been somewhat of a failed experiment on "General Hospital," as no actor has been able to maintain the role for more than a few years.
When Robert Palmer Watkins took on the character in 2015, fans hoped Dillon was here to stay, but two years and a high-profile storyline later, he exited with little explanation.
However stunning it was for viewers for Dillon to be dropped from the series, Watkins told Soaps that he was "totally shocked" and admitted that he "never saw it coming."
Watkins said he was shooting a movie during approved time off and found out on a lunch break that he was fired from the soap. He said it was "pretty brutal."
The news of his firing leaked to the media that day, and the powers that be at the show insinuated to Watkins that he released the information to the press, though he denied it.
Since Watkins was fired as Dillon, the character is rarely mentioned by anyone on the sudser, making the actor's removal even more significant.