Keith Bynum smiling while doing construction work
What Only True Fans Know About HGTV’s Keith Bynum
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Keith Bynum impressively founded a "nationally recognized retail and manufacturing chain," per his current company website Nine Homes & Design, when he was just 14.
Bynum eventually sold the business and found his passion for home renovation. He now has a successful real estate flipping business and sells vintage wares, home goods, and art.
Flipping Houses
Bynum and his business and romantic partner Evan Thomas flip houses on HGTV’s "Bargain Block" to make them affordable for the community they work within.
There were times the couple questioned if rehabbing rundown homes in Detroit was right for them, but are ultimately very proud of what they’ve accomplished.
His Parents
Bynum’s parents weren’t very accepting of his sexuality. He told HGTV, "It did not go well when I came out. So they have essentially disowned me."
However, seeing David Bromstad (who is openly gay) have such a flourishing career on HGTV inspired Bynum to embrace his identity and follow his dreams.
Creating Jobs
When Bynum and Thomas began renovating Detroit homes, they provided jobs and opportunities to LGBTQ+ carpenters and construction workers.
Thomas told Out, "We always try and be as inclusive as we can in our company." Some places gave them a hard time, but Detroit was never one of them.
Creating Art
In every house on "Bargain Block," Keith creates a custom piece of artwork, such as a mural, painted portrait, 3-D art installation, or sometimes all three.
Creating art is therapeutic for Keith, using it as an outlet for his grief for his mother, who died from brain cancer just a month after reconnecting.