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What Not To Say When Someone's Pet Dies
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For many people, pets hold the same status as a beloved family member, and while having a pet is known to help with depression and anxiety, losing a pet — especially unexpectedly — can cause immense trauma and grief. This is how to weigh your words before you speak to a friend or family member mourning the loss of their pet.
Avoid saying things like "You can always get another pet," "Your pet is in a better place now," or "Are you still upset about your pet?", as these statements can convey impatience or imply that your friend should be over it by now. Be patient and allow them to grieve the loss of their companion without being judgmental or rushing their healing process.
Bereaved pet owners may begin to feel better over time, but they may still experience ups and downs, and everyone grieves differently. Even if you have experienced loss yourself, try not to compare experiences and instead let them know you’re there for them, that their feelings are normal, and seek ways to help them celebrate the life of their pet.