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What Not To Say To Someone Who Has COVID
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One of the worst things you can say to someone who has COVID is that they should’ve been more careful. Ever-changing safety guidelines can be hard to follow, and some carriers can be asymptomatic; the recent decline in remote schooling and job opportunities also means that some people have no choice but to potentially expose themselves to the virus.
Also, telling your friend upsetting news about the virus, stories of other sufferers, or scary statistics is a big no-no, since this will worsen their anxiety. You don't have to completely minimize their illness, but try to take the middle ground and listen to their personal experience, without sharing scary stories that are out of their control.
If someone who has been around you has COVID, you could have been exposed, but do not make the conversation about yourself. You’ll want to monitor yourself for symptoms or get tested, but fixating on how their diagnosis affects you will only increase their panic and fear, not to mention giving them a huge amount of guilt.
Lastly, when someone has COVID, there’s no need to stigmatize them by completely alienating yourself. You have the right to be worried about your safety, but you can still find no-contact ways to help your friend without putting yourself at risk, such as buying them a Grubhub gift card, writing encouraging texts, or sending a care package.