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What Not To Say To A Friend Who Has Been Cheated On
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Cheating isn’t incredibly uncommon, but that doesn't make it easy to deal with, and if your friend's partner has been unfaithful, you want to be there for them and make them feel better. However, handling this situation can be tricky for you, as well, and there are some things you should avoid saying to someone who's been cheated on.
While it may be tempting to tell your friend to leave their cheating partner, this isn’t the best thing to rush them into, since they need time to process what happened before making big decisions. Also, even if you had a bad feeling about your friend's partner, resist saying things like "I'm not shocked they cheated" or “if they cheated once, they’ll cheat again.”
The best thing to do for your friend is let them know you’re there for them, that you care about them, and you’ll support them to matter what. Ask questions like “How can I help?” or “How can I best support you?” and reassure them that it’s okay to feel sad, but it’s not their fault their partner cheated, and listen to them instead of talking over them.