According to a YouGov poll, 77% of Britons think Prince William will make a good ruler when it's his time to take the throne. His relative youth compared to the rest of the royal family could win over citizens who want a more modern spin on the monarchy, but if you believe in astrology, you'll want to know what William's astrological chart says.
Prince William was born on June 21, 1982, making him a Cancer. Cancers are known for being nurturing and empathetic family people, and Prince William definitely comes off as approachable; his compassion is evident in recent work he's done on behalf of mental health issues, and the touching moments he’s shared with his children.
William and his wife, Kate Middleton, both have moons in Cancer, which indicates a strong bond, and astrologer Kyle Thomas says, “His chart repeatedly speaks of power, public influence and his ability to handle it.” Prince William will likely be a successful leader who is adored by the public, and hopefully his son, Prince George, will follow in his footsteps.