What It Really Means When You Dream Of Someone Who Has Died
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According to Regular Dream, when you dream of someone that has died, it means that you miss them, which is totally natural. However, there might be more to it, as you could be mourning the loss of something (or someone) else in your life, or you’re forgetting something in your life and need guidance.
Of course, if you’re religious, dreaming of someone who has passed on has different meaning, as Dr. Charity Virkler Kayembe says that God gives us these dreams to tell us that the person is in a better place. However, even if you’re not religious, these dreams, which Dr. Barbie Breathitt calls “a doorway to the supernatural,” can still leave you with a happier image of the person.
According to Dreaming and Sleeping, if you dream of a deceased loved one, it’s because they are sending you a message. They will appeal to your sense of smell or feel while you’re sleeping, acting as a spirit guide who will help you get on a new and better path.