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What It Means When Your Nails Split And How To Prevent It
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Whether your nails are frail due to regular manicures or health conditions that manifest through your nails, there are many ways you can promote better nail health.
According to Healthline, poor nail strength can be the result of underlying conditions like nail bed infections, psoriasis, and certain diseases affecting your organs.
However, nail splitting can also result from smaller issues, like long-term exposure to moisture and nail biting. A nutritional deficiency may also be causing your nails to split.
External injury can cause nail splitting, but so can psychological trauma. Traumatic events can hinder nail growth and cause ridges to form across the nails, making them frail.
Once the cause is identified, take appropriate action to take care of your nails. If it’s a medical condition of some kind, listen to your doctor’s instructions.
If you’ve identified your manicures as a stressor for your nails, consider giving them a break from the nail art and focus on moisturizing and taking care of your cuticles.
While your nails are healing, avoid cleaning or gardening which can strain your nails, and refrain from biting your nails to allow them the time to heal and strengthen appropriately.