Even though “Dance Moms” ended long ago, fans still love to keep up with the contestants, but Abby Lee Dance Company assistant Gianna Martello is just as popular as the girls on the show's main cast. Martello always traveled with the girls to competitions, helped wipe away their tears, and of course, polished the girls’ dance routines.
Since the show's ending, Martello has continued to teach dancing at the ALDC, and she teaches virtual classes as well. Many fans think Maddie Ziegler is “Dance Moms” head honcho Abby Lee's favorite student, but Lee calls Martello her “greatest legacy,” and Martello has been seen on Miller’s YouTube channel as well.
Martello is also close with "Dance Moms" alum Jojo Siwa, and cheered the young star on during her time on “Dancing With The Stars.” Martello also loves traveling all over the world, visiting locations from Dubai to Asia, but she still spends most of her time dancing in the ALDC LA studio, whether it’s on or off the TV screen.