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What Is Eyeshadow Primer And How Is It Used?
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Makeup primer is a small step that can create a flawless finish for your final look. While most of us know about face primer, which is applied to the skin before foundation and other base products, you should consider trying eyeshadow primer on your eyelids, as it helps your eye makeup look more vibrant and stay on longer.
Don't try to cheat and use face primer on your eyelids, especially ones with silicon, which will create a slippery base and “add to creasing, and make it harder to blend your eyeshadow evenly,” says makeup artist Savannah St. Jean. She also says not to use concealer as eye primer, since it’s also oily and prone to creasing.
Once you have a real eyeshadow primer in your hands, remember that skincare still comes first; moisturizer is crucial to keep your skin hydrated and makeup smooth. To apply eye primer, just dab a small bit onto a brush or your fingers, and blend it gently into your eye area. Don't use too much, or your skin won't absorb it.