On "The Ultimatum," participants challenge their partners with a simple premise: propose to me or we're done. Couple April Melohn and Jake Cunningham split because he wasn't ready for marriage, and Cunningham said multiple times that Melohn forced him to be on the show; what's up with this fractured couple today?
Melohn was clearly ready to be a wife, and since Cunningham wouldn't tie the knot, she found a new man who actually talks about marriage and having babies together. In an exclusive interview, Melohn said, "[If] you truly love someone, and you can't picture going a day without them, then call it official."
After "The Ultimatum," Cunningham had a relationship with fellow participant Rae Williams, but by their reunion episode, they had already broken up. Cunningham is currently living the single life, and isn’t looking to rekindle any type of relationship with Melohn, saying in an interview, "[April] wanted to be on the show; I knew it was for fame."