What Happened To Cane On
The Young And The Restless?
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“The Young and the Restless” fans were surprised when Daniel Goddard, who had played Cane Ashby since 2007, was fired in 2019. When asked by Soaps.com in 2021 if he would return, Goddard replied that he would consider it, but that “there would have to be some different circumstances based upon the way the whole thing came to an end.”
Impersonating Philip III
Philip Chancellor III, the very much alive son of Jill Foster Abbott, hired Cane to impersonate him. Before the truth came out, Cane fell for the much younger Lily Winters and after facing parental disapproval, losing their baby, and Chloe Mitchell’s false claim that Cane was the father of her child, Lily and Cane finally got married.
A New Life With Lily
After Cane’s lie about his identity was revealed, he started a new life with Lily, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Before her ovaries were removed, doctors saved some of her eggs, and Lily and Cane were able to have twins via surrogate.
Posing As His Twin
In order to find out what his conman father, Colin Atkinson, was up to, Cane posed as his twin brother, Caleb. Colin ended up shooting Caleb, but Lily thought that it was Cane who had been killed. While she was relieved to find out that her husband was alive, Lily decided to divorce him for his deceit.
Dramatic Remarriage
When Lily and Cane got married again, both of them cheated on each other, and Cane even had an out-of-wedlock son named Sam. Lily also went to prison for causing the deaths of Hilary Curtis and her unborn child when she took her eyes off the road while driving them. After she was freed, Lily and Cane divorced again.
Fake Will
When Cane's father produced a fake version of Katherine Chancellor’s will to say that her money should go to Cane instead of her grandson, Devon Hamilton, Cane left town to get Colin to return the money. This was how Goddard was written off the show, so it can be assumed that Cane is traveling the world and might return someday.