Donald Trump at an event
What Donald Trump Looks Like With And Without Makeup
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Donald Trump maintains a tan throughout the year. While he spends significant time in Florida, the orange tone does not appear to be solely the result of sun exposure.
Trump’s tan has been attributed to "good genes" or the use of a tanning bed, but there are claims that he uses foundation or bronzer regularly to sustain this distinct skin color.
Per The Washington Post, Trump's White House staff were required to ensure that he had 2.5 bottles of Bronx Colors makeup on hand, which would leave stains on his shirts.
According to former aide Cassidy Hutchison, Trump refused to wear a mask on camera at an event early in the pandemic as he saw bronzer stains on its straps.
In August 2022, Trump was spotted without his usual orange tint. This is noteworthy as he had spent the summer in Florida, the time of year when natural tan would be at its peak.
A 2020 photo showed wind blowing Trump's hair away from his face and a ring of paler skin around his hairline. However, the former president dismissed it
as photoshopped.
Similarly, during a 2023 court appearance, Trump's uneven skin tone, with paler skin on his ears and neck, was visible, indicating possibly rushed makeup application.