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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Hair Falling Out?
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When we dream, our brain tries to alleviate anxiety or other underlying emotions, and there are multiple types of dreams, such as lucid, fantasy, nightmares, symbolic dreams, and dreams that solve problems. One of the most common-yet-random dreams is about your hair falling out, and this is what it could mean.
If you wake up horrified after a dream in which your hair falls out, then you may have an unconscious or conscious fear of it happening in real life. More generally, when you dream about hair loss, your brain could be managing a fear of getting older, losing your beauty or sexual attractiveness, or poor self-image overall.
Dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg adds that hair "represents thoughts, ideas, beliefs and/or that which is on our mind,” and since losing your hair cannot be fixed, your dreams may indicate a feeling of unfixable, or a sense of lost control in your life. If you feel stressed about dreams, try to go on a walk or run or attend a yoga class or meditation session.