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What Does It Mean To Dream About The Ocean?
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Vivid dreams are said to contain symbols that can help you understand your brain better and create positive changes in your life. The ocean is a recurring setting or symbol in many dreams, with different dream interpretations from person to person. You can better decipher your ocean dreams by using certain visual clues.
Dreaming of a dark and ominous ocean may mean you're feeling isolated, while violent and choppy waves can symbolize trying times. If you dream that you're swimming with sharks, this can indicate that you're spending time with the wrong crowd, while a dream that you're drowning may mean you're ignoring problems that need immediate attention.
Dreaming of a calm ocean symbolizes happiness and peace. If you dream of dolphins or swimming with them, this can mean you’re on the right path, but if you're swimming in the opposite direction of the dolphins, it may signify self-doubt. Also, looking longingly over the ocean indicates a want for connection.