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What Did Lisa Marie Presley's Half-Brother Inherit After Her Death?
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Lisa Marie Presley died in January of 2023 after going into cardiac arrest. Her trust was to be executed to ensure her wishes were granted, which didn’t happen very seamlessly.
Lisa Marie was survived by her mother, three daughters, and half-brother, Navarone Garibaldi. They were all in the trust, but Priscilla Presley ended up contesting the will.
The change removed Priscilla and Barry Siegel, Lisa Marie’s ex-business manager, as trustees. Court documents revealed that Garibaldi was included in the division of the assets.
While it’s not much, Garibaldi is set to inherit 1/9 of her trust, which has been set up as a sub-trust with Priscilla listed as trustee, per People magazine.
Garibaldi and Lisa Marie were never close due to their age difference, but in his Instagram tribute, he wrote, "I wish things had been different between us. [...] Love you sis."