Ben and Erin Napier never expected to land their very own HGTV show, “Home Town.” The series follows the down-to-earth couple as they renovate and brighten their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, but the husband and wife were plenty busy even before becoming TV stars, with both Ben and Erin having multiple jobs in the past.
Prior to “Home Town,” the Napiers owned a successful press lettering company; Ben was also a youth minister for Laurel’s First United Methodist Church, while Erin was a designer in the technology sector. Erin started a blog to share her impressive designs, which eventually caught the attention of a producer at HGTV.
Erin and Ben were skeptical that a hit series could be made out of their humble town of Laurel, but as we know, they met great success as HGTV stars. The couple has spoken about the difficulties of fame, such as trying to keep their daughter away from the public eye, but Ben has proudly stated, “We approach everything as a team.”