Barron Trump exiting an aircraft with his parents
What Barron Trump Has In Common With His Father Donald
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While Barron Trump largely stays out of the public eye, there are some hints that he might have traits similar to that of his father, Donald Trump.
At 6' 3", Donald is above average height, and Barron seems to have inherited his father's height. At just 15 years old, Barron measured 6' 5" and towers over his parents.
As he never gave any interviews while he was the first son, not much has been revealed about Barron's personality. Melania has said that her teenage boy is definitely into sports.
He didn't mention Barron's favorite sport, but Donald revealed to CBS News in 2019 that his son likes soccer, but he would steer him away from football.
Whether Barron enjoys golf as much as his father remains to be seen, but so far, the paparazzi has never caught Barron on one of Trump's many private golf courses.