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Weird Rules Royals Have To Follow When Drinking Alcohol
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They can drink daily
British royal family members can enjoy alcohol on a daily basis, and Queen Elizabeth II's mother had a reputation as a dedicated drinker. On average, the Queen Mother enjoyed her first cocktail of the day at noon, and she even asked some lunch or dinner guests, "How can you not have wine with your meal?"
Drinking the right way
Meghan Markle and Queen Consort Camilla are only two of the royal family's many wine aficionados, but royals must follow etiquette when enjoying a glass. Royals must always hold their wine glasses by the stem and only sip from one spot on their glass, which looks elegant and keeps lipstick stains off the rim.
Garden parties
The royal family's famous garden parties are dry affairs — when it comes to alcohol, that is. These royal shindigs are famously festive, but no hosts or guests can drink during the celebration; today, it's somewhat taboo for royals to have a drink before 6 P.M., which is when garden parties typically end.
Drinking abroad
Royals travel a lot, and they're expected to eat and drink according to local etiquette; some royals even participate in drinking customs at special events. Prince William once used a mallet to open a keg of beer in Germany, and his wife Catherine made headlines for achieving a perfect beer pour in Northern Ireland.
security measures
When royals travel, drinking alcohol at specially mandated events is usually encouraged, but safety concerns can prevent higher-ranking royals from drinking locally at all. Journalist Gordon Rayner claims that King Charles III and Camilla often pack their own alcohol so that "there's no danger of their drinks being spiked."