Dress Code
All men in the royal family must wear navy or black suits with a tie, waistcoat, black shoes and socks, and a top hat. Royal women are encouraged to wear knee-length skirts and dresses with pantyhose and a hat; tall heels are frowned upon, and taking off one's coat in public is considered unladylike.
How to walk
Royals must make a graceful entry to garden parties, which is why women in the royal family are taught how to walk down the stairs in a polite fashion. Royal men must give their wives a helping hand, while the female keeps their chins parallel to the ground while ensuring that their toes are pointed toward the railing as they walk.
Grant Harrold, a royal expert, says, “A royal handshake should consist of two-to-three pumps, with your palms open and thumbs down.” This allows royal members to avoid prolonged contact with the public, and a member of the royal family should always initiate a handshake with the public, not the other way around.
Tea Time
Royals must hold the top of the tea handle by using their thumb and index finger, and royal women must sip their tea from the same spot to avoid leaving lipstick around the teacup rim. Royals must bring the cup to their mouth, never lean forward, never raise their pinky finger, and hold the handle of the cup at 3 o’clock.
Royal gifts
When out and about with fans, the royal family must receive gifts; however, the queen will not accept gifts, particularly flowers, at garden parties. Laura-Ann Barr, a blogger, attempted to present the queen with flowers, and to her surprise, the queen broke protocol and accepted the flowers but immediately gave them to her lady-in-waiting.