Sarah Palin doing an interview
Uncomfortable Sarah Palin Moments Caught on Camera
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Turkey Interview
During an on-camera interview at a turkey farm, Sarah Palin discussed her plans for Alaska as a man could be seen loading a turkey into a slaughter machine.
Reports claimed that Palin knew exactly what was happening in the background and had no issue with it. Without missing a beat, she reportedly told someone, "No worries."
Russia Comment
In an interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, Palin claimed that Alaska's proximity to Russia gave her enough foreign policy experience as she ran for office.
She remarked, "They're our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."
Hockey Game
In 2008, John McCain and his team thought it would be a good idea for Palin to stop by a hockey game in Philadelphia and drop the ceremonial puck during an NHL game.
The cheers turned into boos the moment Palin made her way onto the ice. She later commented, "I've been warned that Flyers fans, they get so enthused that they boo everybody."
Publication Blunder
During a CBS News interview, Katie Couric asked Palin what publications she read before running for vice president. She said, "All of them, any of them…"
In a 2010 interview with ABC News, Palin denied the notion that she was uninformed and revealed some of her favorite publications, like The Wall Street Journal.
Dead Bear
Palin made an appearance on "American Chopper" when Paul Teutul Sr. went to Alaska. During the meeting, Palin can be seen resting against a grizzly bear carcass.
A number of outlets pointed out that the animal hide was impossible to ignore. Salon wrote, "She's just talking about patriotism and leaning back on the dead bear."