Two friends drinking coffee and laughing
Try the 3:6 Method To Make Friends As An Adult
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Make friends as an adult with ease using the 3:6 method, which says that over the course of six weeks, you should have at least three sincere conversations with a potential friend.
To start making friends, carve out time as often as you can, ideally once a week, to meet with like-minded people whether in a book club, a sports league, or something more casual.
Your conversations can be as simple as chatting about things you have in common or grabbing a coffee or drink. However, there’s a catch: the interactions can’t all be online.
If you’re both regularly attending the same group or activity, this benchmark should be easy to meet, but it’s also worth carving out the time to do something more elaborate.
Try doing something fun like going to a concert or comedy show, which will allow you to have meaningful chats without worrying about awkward silences.