Tori and Zack Roloff’s son, Jackson, underwent a major surgery in December 2021 to correct bowing in his legs. Jackson was born with dwarfism in 2017, and is being treated by the same pediatrician his dad Zack visited growing up, but Tori reiterates, "Watching your child in pain is never something a parent wants to go through.”
It seems that Jackson is not recovering from his leg surgery as swiftly as his parents thought he would, and in an upcoming episode of “Little People, Big World,” Jackson’s parents admitted that he’s “having a hard time." Tori explains her worry, saying, "He isn't progressing like they said that he would," and Jackson appears to be in pain.
Tori also said on “Little People, Big World” that it was “scary” to consider her child being different in some way, at the time when her son was diagnosed with achondroplasia. Still, it's clear that Tori and Zack love to be parents, and hopefully Jackson will make a speedier recovery in the coming weeks under the loving care of his family.