This Is Why Anna Faris Had To Leave Mom
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"Mom" premiered its eighth season without star Anna Faris, who announced her departure from the popular CBS sitcom. While many fans expected Faris' character, Christy, to be killed off to explain her abrupt departure, the writers chose to send her off to law school instead.
Her departure was upsetting for the cast, particularly co-star Allison Janney, who called her absence “a huge loss.” According to co-star Jaime Pressly, fans can expect many updates on Christy throughout the season.
While cast members and loyal fans were surprised by Faris' decision to leave the show, Faris decided she wanted to pursue other career moves. Her upcoming project is an independent comedy called "Summer Madness," where she will play twins.
While there are varied reactions to Faris' departure, it appears that the majority of viewers are optimistic about Season 8. Many of Faris' devoted fans will miss her, but they will keep a look out for her new comedy projects.