This Is How A Taurus Shows Love
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Taurus signs are practical thinkers, hard workers, and dependable; they're typically the ones who family, friends, or coworkers approach to get a job done. Though this sign can be stubborn, Taurus always reacts to situations or forks in the road with careful thought, and this comes into play in romantic relationships.
Taurus signs are realistic thinkers, so they won’t fall head-over-heels on a first date; they let multiple encounters with one person build up, until that person proves themself. After that, Taurus is in it for the long haul, so if there is a problem in the relationship, their first instinct isn’t to leave, but to think of how to solve the issue.
An ideal date for a Taurus would be romantic and old-fashioned, like going to an upscale restaurant and dressing the part, combined with wine, flowers, and good conversation. They love romantic gestures, like hand holding and long kisses, and all they want is a committed relationship with high-quality company.