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These Heartbreaking Real-Life Details About Mayim Bialik Are So Sad
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Car Accident
In August 2012, Mayim Bialik was involved in a serious car accident in Los Angeles, caused by a tourist, which resulted
in a significant injury to
her left hand.
Despite the ordeal, she maintained a sense of humor and resilience, joking about the situation. She sued the other driver a year later as she continued to recover from her injury.
Despite her long acting career, Bialik revealed on her podcast in July 2021 that she suffers from anxiety related to performing, which includes freezing during improv.
Having dealt with anxiety for a number of years, Bialik has learned to implement some coping mechanisms like guided meditations, evening walks, and using
a weighted blanket.
Bialik married her UCLA classmate Michael Stone in 2003 after he converted to Judaism for her. They had two sons but divorced in 2013 due to irreconcilable differences.
Yet, the ex-couple have maintained a cordial relationship, successfully co-parenting their sons. Bialik expressed gratitude for
Stone's cooperation,
especially during the pandemic.
Father's Death
Bialik's father, who had been in hospice for months, died in April 2015. She expressed the unique and intense nature of her grief in a deeply personal blog post.
Years later, Bialik transformed her experience of loss into the feature-length film "As They Made Us." Inspired by her life, she directed and
co-wrote this deeply
personal project.
Victim Blaming
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Bialik wrote a New York Times op-ed discussing her personal approach to modesty and professionalism in Hollywood.
However, it was misconstrued by some people as victim blaming. "There is no way to avoid being the victim of assault by what you wear
or the way you behave,"
she later clarified.