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The Untold Truth Of TLC's Welcome To Plathville
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the Duggars
The Plath family of "Welcome to Plathville" and the Duggar family of "19 Kids and Counting" might be acquainted with one another. Social media posts from Hosanna Plath’s wedding in 2019 revealed that her bridesmaid, Nurie Rodrigues, was once courted by Anna Duggar’s younger brother, Nathan Keller.
Moriah Plath
As her father Barry has stated, Moriah Plath is “wired differently” from the rest of her family, since she doesn’t always agree with her parents on what a “proper” lifestyle is like. Moriah is also more at ease with being on-camera than her siblings are, since she actually acted in a 2018 short film titled “You Should Be THERE.”
The 2008 tragedy
In 2008, Barry and Kim Plath tragically lost their 17-month-old son, Joshua, when Kim accidentally ran him over with her car while transplanting fruit trees. The following months were dark for Kim, until God “healed” her and “re-wrote the bad coding in [her] brain” on Mother’s Day, a year after Joshua’s passing.
Old ties
Olivia Plath, who married the family’s eldest son, Ethan, in 2018, already knew the Plaths for some time beforehand. In an October 2015 blog entry titled “Meet the Plath Family,” Olivia gushed about her future in-laws, calling them “[her] people,” and expressed gratitude at having met “like-minded believers and dear friends!”
Olivia and Ethan
Initially, the Plath family was opposed to Ethan and Olivia's marriage, she wanted herself and Ethan to create a life independent of his family’s strict rules. However, while Ethan was still living with his parents in 2016, he and Olivia still fell in love through exchanging letters and “occasional phone calls.”