“The Ultimatum's” Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissenger blew fans away with their emotional rollercoaster of a relationship. Colby surprised fans when he turned his proposal into a full-blown wedding, and then Madlyn showed up pregnant to the show's reunion — and now the couple can really start celebrating.
On May 5, 2022, Madlyn gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whose name the couple hasn't revealed yet (so of course, fans are dying to know). The couple also didn't post any photos of their newborn, but Madlyn did post an Instagram story saying they’ve been cuddling and resting in their hospital bed.
During “The Ultimatum” reunion, Madlyn and Colby gushed over how blessed they are to have a baby. On Instagram, Madlyn posted a comment reading, “It has grown an even deeper love than I knew possible with my partner as well as an incredible innate connection with my body and my daughter inside me.”