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Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer recently bought a house in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, and says she shares it with a ghost who has hinted at his presence with typical paranormal behaviors. The actress claims that he will open and close doors and turn off lights of his own volition when she's away from home.
Spencer added of the ghost, "He doesn't haunt me; we have boundaries. I think he is my protector.” She said that not all of her house guests are scared away and that her home is a comfortable hub for her close friends and others who match the home's energy.
Spencer also has an interest in extraterrestrial life, even bringing a video to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show” of footage caught while she was filming "Encounter.” After showing the video, which featured small orange lights in the sky that appeared from an unseen source, Spencer joked, "I just hope the 'Men in Black' don't come for me.”