Kelly Ripa and David Muir, both journalists for the ABC Network, have a close friendship. It all began when Ripa watched one of Muir's newscasts on World News Tonight, and even though she didn't know him, she couldn’t help but email him and explain how impressed she was, telling him, You looked amazing tonight.
In 2018, Ripa posted on Instagram in honor of Muir’s birthday, and on her show, she admitted that she often bakes birthday cakes for her close friends, but didn't give one to Muir for a while because he's a bit shy. In 2018, Muir finally received a cake from Ripa, and he returned the favor by giving her a cake on air for her 50th birthday.
Ripa also presented Muir with the “Voice Award” at the 6th Annual Save the Children Illumination Gala, saying, “he chooses to use his voice as a megaphone.” Muir is known for his thorough coverage of humanitarian crises; plus, he and Ripa sometimes co-host together, so she definitely knows all about his work.